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Vehicle Height Restriction Barriers

Height restriction barriers are the safest way to ensure a vehicle that's too tall for a specific area doesn't enter it. Using one or more height restriction barriers will keep drivers of tall vehicles from damaging any property or their own vehicle. Examples of places where height restriction barriers can be used include:

Vehicle Height Restriction Bars

Bars are a simple but effective way to inform drivers that there is a height restriction for the area they are about to enter. Because this type of vehicle height restriction barrier is suspended from a beam or a structure's ceiling, it's very easy to install. The reflective coating used on this type of barrier ensures drivers can see it just as easily at night as they can during the day. Since there are no sharp edges on these bars, there's no chance of damage being done to vehicles. In addition to a rounded bar, another option is to choose an aluminum barrier with straight edges.

While either option will work well for enclosed areas, some spaces are open and don't have anywhere to hang a restriction bar. The best way to protect these areas is with a height restriction swing barrier. The difference between a bar and a swing barrier is that in addition to the barrier itself, the latter provides a structure for hanging the barrier. In addition to a barrier that alerts drivers to an area's height restriction, some locations also need an access barrier. If vehicles need to be stopped and checked before they are allowed to enter a location, a static height restriction barrier combines a height and access barrier into one system that can be installed in any location.

Leafed Vehicle Height Restriction Barriers

In addition to a static height restriction barrier, another option for implementing both a height and access barrier is to use a leafed vehicle height restriction barrier. A single leaf opening height restriction barrier has a gate that can be pushed backwards when a vehicle is granted access. What's useful about this type of barrier is the gate can be left open for as long as desired. This makes it an ideal option for a parking area that's open during the day, but then needs to be closed at night. This type of barrier is also available with two leafs. A double leaf opening barrier can be useful if an even greater level of access control is needed.

How Much Do Vehicle Height Restriction Barriers Cost?

Red and white Traffic-Line height restrictor bars are sold for $46. Black and yellow aluminum restriction barrriers can be ordered for $315. A height restriction swing barrier can be ordered from a website like Barriers Direct for under $815. The starting price for a static height restriction barrier is $1,050. Single leaf opening height restriction barriers are available for $1,077. Barriers Direct sells one of their double leaf opening barriers for $1,645.

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