Protection Barriers

Concrete Protection Barriers

Concrete protection barriers are an affordable option that can be used:

How are Concrete Barriers Used?

Concrete protection barriers can help drivers park by making the front edge of a parking spot more visible. They can be put around sidewalks to make it clear that specific areas are accessible to pedestrians but not vehicles. Concrete barriers can also be used on different areas of a property to create clear boundaries.

What are the Benefits of Concrete Protection Barriers?

Concrete barriers are extremely secure. Because of their strength, property owners don't have to worry about anyone tampering with this kind of barrier. These barriers are designed to last for a very long time. While they are very popular, this doesn't mean they are outrageously expensive. Concrete barriers provide great value for their price. Although concrete itself is very strong, the look of its surface is very flexible. Because these barriers can feature anything from a standard appearance to a very styled one, they will look great in almost every setting.

How Much Do Concrete Protection Barriers Cost?

Woodhouse smooth gray concrete barriers are sold in packs of 2. This type of barrier stands 1.5 feet above the ground, and has a foundation that extends just as deep under the ground. The price for the pack of 2 is $453. Bridgford smooth gray barriers are also sold in packs of 2. At 3 feet high, these concrete protection barriers are ideal if you need something that's very visible. Because these barriers are fully reinforced, they will last for a very long time. Sets of two are sold for $547.

At 1.75 feet, Richmond concrete barriers are an ideal choice for making it easier for drivers to park by showing them where a parking lot ends and sidewalk begins. A pack of two of these concrete barriers costs just under $600. With a height of 3.25, Wilmslow barriers are some of the tallest that are available. Because of their height, they're a popular option for sidewalks. The color of these barriers can easily be customized to complement the surrounding area. Wilmslow barriers are sold in pairs of two for $718.

While some areas only require a few concrete protection barriers, other require a significant number of barriers. Whether an area is quite large or it simply has many spots that need to be marked with a barrier, concrete protection barriers are especially affordable if you are buying a large number of them. Barriers Direct sells mugger concrete barriers in sets of 10. While buying five pairs of barriers would easily cost over $2,000, this set of ten is sold for just under $1,000. This same company also sells concrete stopper barriers in sets of ten. The main difference between the two is that the stopper barriers are the taller option. This set of ten is sold for $1,085.

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