Protection Barriers

Parking Lot Protection Barriers

Parking spaces are a premium commodity in most cities. As a result, many parking lot owners charge money for their spaces. Because there are always people who try to take advantage of convenient parking lots without paying, owners need a way to control access to their spaces. Parking lot protection barriers can help owners by making it possible for them to:

Using Parking Lot Protection Barriers for Reserved Spaces

When someone is paying a monthly fee for a reserved parking space, they deserve to be the only vehicle that is allowed to park in that space. While a parking lot owner can post a "Reserved" sign in front of that space, there's no guarantee that other vehicles won't still try to park in it. Although people who don't respect a reserved parking space can have their vehicles towed, this isn't always a practical option for parking lot owners.

If an owner has a large lot or isn’t always able to monitor it, there's still a chance that people will break this rule and not get towed. Because this can be one of the most frustrating issues about owning a parking lot, owners are thrilled when they learn that there's a solution. Parking lot protection barriers can added to the entrance of reserved parking spaces. Because these are solid metal barriers that stand at least 1.5 feet in the air, there's no way for unauthorized vehicles to drive over them.

What makes these barriers such a great solution for reserved spots is not only do they keep vehicles out, but they make it easy for the drivers who actually have a reserved spot to claim their space. When a driver is ready to park in their reserved spot, all they need to do is use their key to lower the barrier. Because the barriers are installed in the exact middle of a space's lines, drivers will have no problem pulling into their reserved spot once the barrier is flat.

Keeping Cars Out of a Closed Lot

The protection barriers used to keep cars out a parking lot that is closed are very similar to the ones used to prevent unauthorized cars from parking in reserved spaces. However, the main difference is while fold down barriers are commonly used for individual spaces, telescopic barriers are the most popular choice for entire lots. This post can be pulled all the way in and out of the ground. The reason this type of post is the most common choice for lot entrances is because their height makes them very visible.

Using Parking Barriers to Maximize Space in a Lot

Although most parking lots are marked with lines, some drivers will still take up more than one spot. Because this can reduce the amount of money a parking lot owner is able to make, this problem can be solved by accenting the lines with barriers. Adding barriers to the sides of spaces will ensure that drivers have to comply with only taking up one parking spot.

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