Protection Barriers

Airport Protection Barriers

The areas where airport protection barriers can be used include:

Low Profile Airport Protection Barriers

This type of protection barrier is used on airport runways. It's made of high quality materials and is designed to be as easy to use as possible. Since the material used to make these barriers is UV resistant, they don't have any issues with chipping or decaying. Because they feature high intensity sheeting, low profile airport protection barriers are able to handle even the most challenging situations. While these barriers feature quite a few desirable options, they are still a very affordable choice.

To maximize their effectiveness, these barriers are able to hold two warning flags and four flashing lights. Unlike other barriers that require heavy equipment to transport, this barrier can be moved by just one airport employee. When it's empty, a low profile airport protection barrier only weighs 26 pounds. Once the barrier is in position, it can be filled with water or sand. Since either option will increase this barrier's weight by several hundred pounds, it will stay firmly in place.

Stretch Barriers for Executive Lounges

Because traveling can be a stressful experience, airlines want to make flying as pleasant as possible. This is especially true for their customers who fly the most. One of the ways many airlines help their top customers relax while they're waiting for a flight is to provide an executive lounge. This lounge provides priority customers with a comfortable place to sit and friendly service for getting a drink. Since these lounges are only available to specific customers, airlines need an effective way to restrict access. Stretch barriers are an efficient way for airlines to control who is able to get into their lounges.

This type of airport barrier can be as simple as two posts in front of a lounge entrance with a tape ribbon connecting them. When a qualified customer arrives, the lounge attendant can easily let the customer in and then restrict access once again. While stretch barriers with posts work well, many airlines find that wall mounted stretch barriers are an even better solution. The main advantage of this type of barrier is there's no need to move the posts around in order for the floor to be cleaned. Instead, this stretch barrier provides around the clock access control.

How Can Protection Barriers Be Used in Airport Parking Areas?

Most airports have a significant demand for parking. As a result, measures need to be taken to ensure visitors are only able to access parking areas once they've paid to do so. Some airports allow frequent travelers to reserve parking spots. One of the simplest ways to ensure these spots are only accessible to the travelers who reserve them is to protect them with a winged barrier. When a winged barrier is raised up, it will prevent any vehicle from parking in that spot. But when the traveler with the reservation needs to park, they can simply use a key to lower the barrier and then easily park in their spot.

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