Protection Barriers

Expandable Protection Barriers

There are many situations where the owner of a commercial or residential property needs to prevent anyone from entering a certain area of it. Whether construction is being done or part of the property has sustained damage, the best way to prevent anyone from being injured is to use an expandable protection barrier. Not only will this type of barrier fully secure an area, but it is very easy to place in front of any area that needs to be blocked off.

What are the Main Features of an Expandable Protection Barrier?

When closed, a standard expandable protection barrier is 16.5” long. When fully opened, this type of barrier can expand to 138” long and 37" tall. While this is large enough for the barrier to function as an effective deterrent, a standard expandable barrier only weighs 15 pounds. Because this type of barrier is designed to be strong but is not excessively heavy, it can easily be moved and set up by just one person. The material used to build this type of barrier is recycled polypropylene.

Choosing a barrier that's made from recycled material will allow you to get the protection you need without worrying about taking a toll on the environment. This recycled material also ensures that the barrier won't have any issues with scratching or rusting. Not only are expandable protection barriers strong, but their design makes them look extremely strong. Because they are black and yellow, anyone who sees this barrier will know that it's marking an area where they are not allowed to go.

An expandable protection barrier has padded feet underneath it. Regardless of where this barrier needs to be placed, there won't be any issues with it scratching the floor. While a single expandable barrier can protect an opening that's over 11 feet long, if an even larger area needs to be secured, multiple barriers can be connected through the hook and connector feature.

Are There Any Other Barriers That Can Restrict Access to an Open Area?

In addition to expandable protection barriers, stretch barriers can also be used to restrict access to an open area. While expandable barriers are an effective way to temporarily cut off all access to an area, stretch barriers work well for areas where access needs to be continuously given or denied. Because stretch barriers have a tape that extends out of their post, areas can quickly be opened or closed. Examples of areas where stretch barriers can be used include:

How Much Do Expandable Protection Barriers Cost?

A standard expandable protection barrier can be ordered for $189. The price for two stretch barrier posts starts at $160. When ordering stretch barriers, you can choose the color you want for the posts and the tapes. Post colors include black, grey, white and yellow, while tape colors are available in over a dozen colors and patterns.

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