Protection Barriers

Rope Protection Barrier

Rope protection barriers can be used to control access to an entrance. This type of barrier can also be used to create an orderly line.

What Do Rope Protection Barriers Do?

There are several ways that one or more rope protection barriers can be used with each other. One way is to control who can get into the entrance of a business or other property. Another way rope protection barriers can be used is to control access to rooms within a building. With this type of barrier, visitors to a building can see inside of a room but still be kept from entering it.

Rope protection barriers can also be used to create a designated area for a line of people. A big reason why barriers work so well for creating a line is because as many can be attached to each other as is needed to create enough space for the line. Since new barriers can easily be added to or taken away from the existing ones that are connected, it's easy to adjust a line if a crowd suddenly grows or shrinks.

Where are Rope Protection Barriers Used?

Examples of places where rope protection barriers can be used include:

Most people have seen a rope barrier at a nightclub. This type of barrier makes it easy for the bouncer or doorman to let a few people into the club and then temporarily cut off access again. In addition to controlling access to their door, nightclubs can also use rope protection barriers to organize the people who are waiting outside. Instead of a big crowd blocking the entire sidewalk, multiple rope barriers can be connected to create an orderly line for people to wait in. An additional benefit of using rope barriers to create this line is they can easily be put away when the club is closed.

Museums commonly use rope barriers to create indoor lines. Another way museums can use this type of barrier is to create space between people and a valuable piece of art. A rope protection barrier can also be used by a museum to allow people to see inside a room without allowing them to go in it. In addition to allowing people to see in specific rooms, hotels commonly use rope barriers to control access to their restaurants or VIP areas.

How Much Do Rope Protection Barriers Cost?

Barriers Direct sells several different types of rope barriers. Their VIP rope barrier is designed for controlling the entrance to a club or restaurant. This barrier features polished chrome posts and a red or blue rope. You can order two posts and ropes for $200. The Tensator contemporary chrome barrier is ideal for creating indoor areas for people to line up. While this type of barrier can be left up for as long as necessary, staff will have no trouble moving it if they need to create a different area for a line. This protective barrier is available with seven different rope color options. Each post and rope sells for $140.

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