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Anti-Ram Protection Barriers

Areas where anti-ram protection barriers are most useful include:

What Types of Anti-Ram Protection Barriers Can Be Used in Parking Lots?

Sprung boundary posts are one type of anti-ram barrier that can be used in parking lots. A common use for this type of barrier is to accent parking space lines so drivers can see exactly where they need to go. If this type of barrier is hit by a car, it has a special spring that will immediately return the post to its standard position. Because this type of barrier has an anti-rust coating, it won't start to look worn down. Steel bendy posts are another option for adding anti-ram protection barriers to a parking lot.

Most parking lot owners want to be able to properly demarcate their lots while minimizing the amount of potential damage that can be done to vehicles. While the steel used to make this type of post means it's a very strong barrier, the fact that it has a pivot system that allows it to start tipping over means it won't immediately do damage if a car comes into contact with it. Instead, the driver will have an opportunity to stop and put their vehicle in reverse. However, if there's any reason that a driver refuses to comply with the barrier, it will be able to stop them from going any farther.

Protecting Storefronts and Sidewalks with Anti-Ram Barriers

Steel core environmental barriers are an excellent option for protecting storefronts or pedestrians who are on sidewalks. Not only are these barriers extremely strong, but they're also very attractive. While black is their standard color, if they are put in an area that requires them to be extra visible, an orange reflective band can be added near the top of each barrier. Because this type of anti-ram barrier has a steel core, it's able to provide protection in high impact areas.

This type of barrier can also be filled with concrete to maximize the protection that it is able to offer. Yellow high impact protection barriers are another option that can create a secure area in front of a store or around sidewalks. This type of barrier features a built-in mechanism that absorbs impact. Because of their bright color, drivers will have no issues seeing these anti-ram protection barriers.

Industrial Anti-Ram Protection Barriers

Steel high impact protection barriers are designed to absorb impact from a wide range of sources. This type of barrier can be used to protect a roller shutter, loading bay, access point or traffic way from the damage that can be caused by impact from machinery. Steel high impact anti-ram protection barriers are available in small, large, extra-large or XXL sizes. Because the surface of this type of barrier is painted with a yellow and black pattern, drivers will be sure to notice it.

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