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Mechanical Protection Barriers

There is always the potential for something to go wrong in an industrial setting. While most accidents can be avoided by careful supervision and implementing the right safety measures, it's important for anyone in this type of situation to carefully pay attention to what they're doing. One of the most common sources of industrial accidents is from machines colliding with each other or other objects. Although drivers always need to exercise care when operating these machines, the potential for accidents can be significantly reduced with mechanical protection barriers.

What Types of Mechanical Protection Barriers Can Be Added to an Industrial Area?

The types of mechanical protection barriers that can be used to make industrial areas safer include:

Collision protection bars are designed to help reduce the likelihood of damage being caused by a pallet truck, transport trolley, roller container or lift truck. This type of mechanical protection barrier can be used to protect equipment mounted on the wall, cabinets and shelves. One feature that's useful about these bars is they actually go directly on the floor. This is useful because while it keeps machinery out of sensitive areas, it still makes it possible for workers on foot to access these areas.

Corner protectors are a very effective way to prevent walls or equipment mounted on them from being damaged. Not only can these protectors prevent physical damage, but because they are prominently colored with yellow and black stripes, they ensure drivers pay attention to how close they are to a wall. While forklift trucks can significantly increase the efficiency of an industrial operation, they also have the potential to cause serious damage. Specifically, they can damage frame ends. However, this type of damage can be prevented by using pallet racking protectors.

How Can Wheel Alignment Guides and Wall Buffers Make an Area Safer?

Taking a vehicle from a loading bay and then guiding it through a warehouse can be challenging for even the most experienced drivers. Just one mistake can result in serious damage. When wheel alignment guides are added to an industrial area, they will ensure drivers don't accidentally take a vehicle off its course. Wall buffers are useful for areas where walls are prone to sustaining impact from passing objects. Once this type of buffer is added to a wall, it will ensure that any impact will be absorbed and won't cause permanent damage to the wall.

How Much Do Mechanical Protection Barriers Cost?

Collision protection bars that can significantly reduce accidents in industrial settings start at $45. Corner protectors that will help drivers avoid causing damage are available for as low as $47. Pallet racking protectors generally cost just over $50. Wheel alignment guides can be ordered from websites like Barriers Direct for $70 a piece. To fully protect walls from being damaged by passing objects, wall buffers are available for slightly less than $80.

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