Protection Barriers

Noise Protection Barrier

There are several types of noise protection barriers. The most effective options are:

What Kind of Doors Work as Sound Protection Barriers?

There are three styles of doors that can act as sound protection barriers. The first type is a door that swings open and shut. Although it operates in the same manner as a standard door, one of the reasons this type of door is able to significantly reduce noise is because it fully seals at the top and bottom. Many people don't realize how much noise is able to get through the small leaks that are present in the seals of most standard doors.

The second type of door with a noise barrier is one that slides open and shut. This type of door is available as a single slab or with multiple panels. Sliding noise protection barriers are ideal for everything from stage shops to auditoriums. The third type of door with noise protection features is one that lifts. This option is most commonly used in industrial settings. What's great about this option is it can control sound without getting in the way of even the largest pieces of equipment.

How Can Sound Protection Barriers Be Used on Windows?

Specialized windows with 12 gauge steel frames and 16 gauge stops are the most effective way to reduce the amount of noise that comes in through windows. This type of sound protection barrier is available in a fixed or split frame design. They are also available with straight or sloped glass. One of the features that makes these windows so effective at reducing sound is their glazing. Depending on how much noise needs to be stopped, the glazing applied to these windows can be anywhere from 1/4” to 1-3/16” thick.

Using Modular Sound Control Enclosures as a Noise Protection Barrier

While specialized doors and windows can significantly reduce the amount of noise that enters a home or building, some spaces require even more noise control. Whether sound needs to be isolated to one room or fully kept out of a space, modular sound control enclosures can provide the noise protection that's required. One of the best features of this type of noise protection barrier is that it can be fully customized to fit any space.

Because there are multiple types of panels that can be used in the design of this type of enclosure, it will provide the best performance possible. The availability of single and double leaf doors ensures that not only will this enclosure provide full noise protection, but it will do so without impacting the accessibility of a space. If a space needs to have one or more windows in it, single or double glazed windows can be used to maximize the effectiveness of the noise protection. Depending on the specific needs of a space, the noise protection can be extended to include the ceiling.

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