Protection Barriers

Pedestrian Protection Barrier

The types of barriers that can be used to protect pedestrians include:

Steel Pedestrian Protection Barriers

Steel pedestrian barriers can ensure that vehicles don't enter areas where driving is not allowed. This type of barrier can also be used to provide pedestrians with guidance along a trail. If there are areas of a path or walkway where they shouldn't go, barriers can be used to keep them moving in the right direction. With either use, steel protection barriers will ensure that pedestrians are always safe.

Because the steel used to create these barriers is treated with an anti-rust coating, this type of barrier will continue to look good even after extended exposure to the elements. Some steel barriers also feature a removable cap that makes it possible to fill the barriers with concrete. In addition to the natural color of steel, this type of barrier is also available in other colors like yellow or black. Steel pedestrian barriers come in many different sizes. The ability to pick the right size for a specific situation makes these barriers useful in almost all outdoor settings.

Plastic Pedestrian Protection Barriers

A common concern about plastic pedestrian barriers is they're not going to be strong or durable enough. However, the reason this concern isn't actually a problem is because these barriers aren't completely made from plastic. Instead, they have a plastic exterior that's wrapped around a steel core. This design makes these barriers extremely strong and ensures they don't have any issues with rust. It also makes it easy to customize their color.

Whether a setting will look best with barriers that are black or it needs barriers with a more noticeable color like yellow, plastic barriers can be customized to the situation's specific needs. In addition to static plastic pedestrian barriers, there are also telescopic options available. A plastic telescopic barrier can be pulled up when access needs to be cut off and pushed down when access is available. An example of when this barrier can be used is if an area needs to be accessible to vehicles during part of the day but only accessible to pedestrians during another time.

Ornamental Pedestrian Protection Barriers

Steel and plastic protection barriers can both look good in a wide range of settings. While there's nothing wrong with the appearance of either of these options, certain settings require protection barriers that are even more aesthetically pleasing. Whether it's a path through a public garden or a walkway in front of a store, there are some settings where appearance plays the most important role. Ornamental pedestrian protection barriers are the ideal solution for these settings.

Because this type of pedestrian protection barrier is focused on appearance, this category offers the widest variety of shapes and styles. Ornamental barriers can also be customized to feature whatever color is wanted. An additional benefit of these barriers is they can be connected to each other with an attractive chain. Not only will the chain look good, but it will also increase the size of the area that these barriers are able to protect.

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