Protection Barriers

Flood Protection Barriers

Flood protection barriers can be used to waterproof doorways. These barriers are able to divert large amounts of water. They can also be used to keep water from reaching certain parts of outdoor property.

Geodesign Barriers

This company makes several types of flood protection barriers that are used around the globe. The reason so many people trust these flood barriers is because the company focuses on using high quality materials and designs that are proven to work. This combination results in barriers that are reliable and are able to hold up to even the most challenging of conditions. Their first product is a steel barrier. This product features arms and supports that are made from galvanized steel.

The arms and supports of this product are used to hold up aluminum sheets that act as the actual flood barrier. Their next option is a board barrier. While it has a similar design to the steel barrier, the main difference is boards are used in place of aluminum sheets. A pallet barrier is their third option. Since it’s designed to allow pallets to be stacked on top of each other, this system can be especially useful in an area where there are concerns about flooding getting especially high.


There are several features that makes this flood protection barrier unique. It's actually a fully portable option. This barrier's smart design means someone can roll it up and wear it like a backpack. The reason this barrier is so portable is because it's self-inflating. This also means that this flood barrier is reusable. Since this barrier can provide the same type of protection as dirt dams, rocks or sandbags, it is a much more convenient way to deal with flooding. While many flood barriers require a team of people to put them in place, a single person can easily handle the setup of this option. Other benefits of the Water-Gate include its ability to:


The available options in this line of products are ideal for home and business owners who are concerned about keeping their property safe during a flood. While Floodgate products will provide effective protection for your property, their smart design means they won't cost you a fortune. These innovative products are the result of a project that was carried out with significant help from the University of Wales.

There are two main products in the Floodgate line. Door guards are the first. For homes, a single guard is able to be inserted in a door frame. Because the frame features a thick rubber envelope around it, inserting the guard in a doorway will create a waterproof seal. For commercial properties that may have larger door openings, multiple door guards are able to be connected in a modular system that's waterproof. Vent guards are the the other main product in the Floodgate line. These guards can be used to prevent water from getting in through other potentially weak areas of a home or building.

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