Protection Barriers

Military Protection Barriers

Different types of military protection barriers are used for:

What Types of Military Protection Barriers are Used for Bases?

Entrance and access control barriers allow bases to keep track of exactly who is entering and leaving a base. Before anyone is allowed to go through an entrance barrier, they must show all the required credentials. A search of their vehicle may also be required for entry to be granted. While most people going to a base are authorized residents or visitors, there's always the possibility of an unauthorized individual attempting to gain access to a base. If someone attempts to get into a base by using their vehicle as a weapon, anti-ram vehicle barriers can immediately stop them.

Although it's not as much of a concern for domestic bases, the possibility of a more serious attack can be especially significant for international bases. This is why bases use blast mitigation barriers. These barriers are commonly used in conjunction with base perimeter security barrier walls. The combination of these two types of military protection barriers can keep the area around a base as safe as possible. As a result of the various operations that may be carried out around a base, people living on bases can be exposed to a lot of noise. Sound barriers can be used to reduce the amount of noise that enters a base and create a better environment for everyone living on it.

Military Protection Barriers for Airfields

Military airfields generally have a significant amount of equipment on them. This equipment can include Humvees, troop carriers, tanks, helicopters, transport aircraft, fighters and bombers. Protection barriers in the form of revetments can be used to create areas where these large pieces of equipment can be safely stored. Barriers can also be used to ensure that the areas where this equipment is serviced are as secure as possible.

Because of the amount of maintenance that is done on airfields, accidents can happen. In the event that an accident does occur, blast and explosion containment barriers can both be used to reduce the severity of the accident's impact. In addition to equipment, large amounts of munitions may be stored within an airfield. A combination of barrier walls and storage area protection barriers are generally used to keep these items securely stored.

How Can Protection Barriers Be Used for Field Operations?

Security barriers can be used around the perimeter of a field operation. Because of the significant dangers that go along with field operations, combat blast protection and fragmentation barriers can both play vital roles in protecting soldiers from harm. Since many field operations have to set up a temporary medical facility, protective walls can be used to ensure this is an area where troops can be safely treated. Supply and ammo depot walls are two types of military protection barriers that are commonly seen during field operations. Protection barriers that are designed to be filled with earth and sand can provide soldiers with a fast and effective way to secure their field operations.

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