Protection Barriers

Crowd Control Protection Barriers

Crowd control protection barriers can be used in any indoor or outdoor space. The types of available crowd control protection barriers are heavy duty, stretch, wall mounted and rope or chain.

Heavy Duty Crowd Control Protection Barriers

Heavy duty barriers are most commonly used to control outdoor crowds. This can be a crowd at a concert, sporting event or at a festival. A heavy duty crowd control protection barrier can also be used to keep people away from an area that's under construction. These barriers are made from high quality steel. Because of steel's longevity, this type of barrier will last for a very long time. In addition to the strength of these barriers, another reason they work so well is because multiple heavy duty barriers can be linked together with a special clasp.

Connecting crowd control barriers in this way will ensure no one is able to slip into areas where they aren't supposed to go. Another feature that makes these barriers very useful is while they are completely secure once they're in place, they are fully portable when event staff needs to move them to a new location. Although many of these barriers feature the natural color of steel, they're are also available in red if extra visibility is needed.

Stretch and Wall Mounted Protection Barriers

Stretch crowd control barriers can be used at entrances or inside of locations. Uses for these barriers include:

Many stretch barriers feature a tape cartridge that's retractable. This makes it easy to connect one barrier to another. This feature is especially useful for areas where the size of a crowd or line may frequently change. Depending on the specifics of a situation, barriers can easily be removed or added. Another notable feature of these barriers is that they're available in different colors. This applies to the posts and the tape that is pulled out of the posts.

The wide variety of colors that are available makes it easy to match these barriers to their surroundings. While stretch barriers are great for locations that need a portable option, wall mounted barriers are ideal when access to the same area needs to be controlled on an ongoing basis. For example, if a museum has a room that is only open during certain hours of the day, a wall mounted barrier can be added to easily control when visitors are allowed to enter.

Rope or Chain Crowd Control Protection Barriers

Rope and chain barriers work in the same way. A rope or chain is draped between posts in order to designate areas that are off limits. The main difference between the two is how they look. While a restaurant may want a rope option to create a highly visible barrier at their door, a car dealership may prefer a chain to create a barrier around cars that is effective but doesn't take away from potential buyers' ability to look at the cars.

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