Protection Barriers

Protection Barrier Systems

Protection barrier systems can be used to keep drivers safe while they're on the road. This type of system can protect pedestrians as they are walking. Protection barrier systems can also be used to crowds under control.

Protection Barrier Systems for Roads

Uses of protection barrier systems for roads include:


One of the reasons protection barrier systems are so useful is because they can be expanded to protect large areas. While individual barriers can only protect a limited amount of space, systems are capable of providing as much protection as a situation requires. There are different ways that barrier systems can be connected. In some settings, a physical connection between each barrier in a system is not required.

Instead, the system simply consists of barriers that are set an equal distance from each other. When barriers are close enough to each other, it will ensure vehicles are not able to get through. For settings like a construction site that require a connection between the barriers to ensure both vehicles and pedestrians are protected, the most common way to connect them is with a chain.

Protection Barrier Systems for Sidewalks

There are two common reasons why a protection barrier system is needed for a sidewalk. The first is to protect pedestrians from nearby traffic. Since there are many areas where sidewalks come extremely close to the road, there's a danger of a vehicle accidentally driving on the sidewalk. Protection barrier systems protect pedestrians from this danger by creating clear boundaries between the road and sidewalk. The other reason that protection barrier systems may be needed is to give pedestrians a clear path of where they need to go.

Since sidewalks commonly run into other areas, a barrier system can be used to keep pedestrians from going the wrong way. One feature that has added to the popularity of these barriers is their attractiveness. Because barrier systems can be ordered in a wide range of styles, it's possible to find very modern options that will add a lot to the look of an area.

How Can Protection Barrier Systems Be Used to Control Crowds?

Protection barrier systems can be used to keep outdoor and indoor crowds under control. Since outdoor crowds at events like music festivals can get very large, heavy duty barriers are generally used to control them. The reason this type of barrier system does such a good job of keeping crowds under control is because individual barriers can be easily linked to each other. For an outdoor crowd that is significantly smaller, such as a line in front of a restaurant, a roped barrier system is the ideal solution. This same type of system can be used inside of a restaurant or other building. Banks and other buildings with indoor lines typically use this type of protection barrier system to keep all of their customers in an orderly fashion.

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