Protection Barriers

Temporary Protection Barriers

Temporary protection barriers can be used to control large crowds. Other types of temporary barriers can be used to keep lines under control. There are also temporary protection barriers that are designed to keep workers and drivers safe around road construction projects.

What Kind of Temporary Protection Barriers Can Be Used to Control Large Crowds?

Heavy duty crowd barriers are an ideal option for controlling temporary outdoor crowds. This protection barrier is often used at events like concerts or sports games. Because these barriers are made from high quality steel, they are not going to get pushed out of the way by a crowd. Additionally, they feature a special latch that prevents any anxious members of a crowd from slipping through to an area where they don't belong. While heavy duty temporary barriers are completely secure once they're in place, crews will have no trouble once it's time to move the barriers. Their portability is the result of design features that allow them to easily be lifted by crews.

Using Tensabarriers to Keep Lines Under Control

Tensabarriers can be used to:

While it makes sense for destinations like theme parks to build permanent crowd control barriers for the lines to ride their attractions, there are many other situations where lines are only a temporary addition to an area. This is also true for many establishments that may have a line outside of them at night but don't want permanent barriers that are going to block an otherwise empty sidewalk during the day. Tensabarriers solve all of these issues by allowing line barriers to be quickly created and just as easily taken down by staff.

One very useful feature of these temporary barriers is the ability for them to be easily customized to any size. This is possible since Tensabarriers are connected by clipping the tape from one barrier into another. An example of a time when these may be very useful is if a club doesn't know how long its line is going to be for the night. While the club's staff can start the night with a shorter barrier, if the crowd grows past it, the staff will have no trouble quickly expanding the existing line barrier by connecting another Tensabarrier to it.

Temporary Protection Barriers for Road Construction

There are several types of protection barriers that can be permanently added to or by roads. However, if the protection is only needed for the duration of a construction project, permanent barriers are not necessary. Instead, Guarda-Flex temporary chain barriers offer all the protection that's needed. With this type of temporary barrier, not only can highly visible plastic markers be placed around the area that's under construction, but the chains that connect individual markers to each other will provide an additional layer of protection.

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