Protection Barriers

Traffic Protection Barriers

Traffic protection barriers are often used to notify drivers that they need to pay attention to an upcoming hazard. This type of barrier can also be used to control the flow of traffic or create space for emergency vehicles to get through crowded areas.

What are the Features and Uses of Steel Traffic Protection Barriers?

Steel traffic protection barriers are commonly used in areas where traffic is driving at the lower end of the speed spectrum. For example, a steel barrier may be put on the corner of a residential street where drivers need to be aware that they can take a turn. Because these barriers are made from quality steel and covered with an anti-rust coating, once they are in place, they will last for a very long time. Since steel barriers are available in different diameters, it's easy to use them in a variety of settings. Another example of where these traffic protection barriers may be used is when a road runs next to a sidewalk.

Adding steel protection barriers near the edge of a sidewalk will protect pedestrians from traffic that is driving past. While steel barriers featuring their natural color are most commonly used in lower speed areas, steel barriers with a lacquered finish can be used in higher speed areas. Because this type of barrier can feature a orange or red and white finish, it can be visible enough to add to roads or even highways. Lacquered steel barriers are often used in areas where vehicles may need extra assistance to ensure they stay in their own lane.

How are Removable Traffic Barriers Used?

Steel traffic barriers are designed to minimize the damage done to a vehicle if a driver accidentally hits one of these barriers. However, because these barriers are made from steel, they will still do a noticeable amount of damage to the vehicle. In areas where drivers are more likely to hit barriers, a different option can be used that won't cause any damage. This option is a removable barrier. The reason it won't do any damage is because it's made from a lightweight material.

If a car hits a removable barrier, the barrier will simply fall over. While a barrier that’s flat on the ground wouldn't be very helpful, what makes this option so useful is a special joint that's built into its base. As soon as the barrier is knocked over, the joint immediately pulls it back up. Thanks to this feature and the durable nature of the lightweight material used to make removable barriers, they are able to last for a very long time.

What are the Uses of Barriers with Lifting Handles?

Some of the areas where this traffic barrier can be used are:

One important feature of this type of traffic barrier is its appearance. Because of its highly visible yellow and black pattern, it's not a barrier that will be mistakenly overlooked. And thanks to their locking base and lifting handles, these barriers are also very useful in areas where temporary access may need to be granted.

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