Protection Barriers

Target Protection Barriers

Protection barriers can be used for a wide variety of purposes. As a result, if you're looking for barriers for a specific project, you need a targeted solution. The type of targeted protection barriers you need will depend on the location of your project. The areas where this type of barrier can be used include:

Parking Lot Protection Barriers

There are two main targeted uses of protection barriers in parking lots. The first is to restrict access to individual parking spaces. If you have a parking lot and individuals pay you for reserved spaces, you want to ensure that they're the only people who are able to park in those spaces. Although you can tow unauthorized vehicles that park in reserved spaces, monitoring your parking lot around the clock can be difficult to do. A more effective option is to use a fold down parking barrier. This type of barrier is installed in the middle of a reserved space. It is then raised up to prevent random cars from being able to park in the spot.

When the driver paying for the spot needs to park, all he'll need to do is use his key to lower the barrier. He will then be able to drive over it and park in his reserved spot. The other use of parking lot protection barriers is to restrict access to a closed lot. If you want to keep cars out of your lot when it's closed, you can simply use a telescopic barrier. The main difference between this barrier and one that folds down is you will actually be able to pull the telescopic one in and out of the ground. Additionally, it will be much taller than a standard fold down barrier.

Protection Barriers for Roads

Road protection barriers can be used to provide drivers with guidance about where they need to go. This type of barrier can also be used to warn drivers about an upcoming hazard. Additionally, barriers can be temporarily added to a road if there is a construction area that drivers need to avoid. Flexible post barriers are one of the most popular options for road applications. The main reason for the frequent use of this specific type of barrier is because it has a special feature that allows it to automatically right itself in the event it's hit by a car.

Sidewalk Protection Barriers

Protection barriers around sidewalks are vital for ensuring that pedestrians have a safe place to walk. Not only can protection barriers keep pedestrians safe, but this type of barrier can also be very aesthetically pleasing. While it's common for sidewalk protection barriers to be made from steel, that doesn't mean they're limited to being gray in color. Instead, steel sidewalk barriers can be painted with a wide range of colors. Popular options include blue, white, red, brown and green. Most steel barriers also feature an anti-rust coating.

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