Protection Barriers

Signature Barricades Protection Barriers

Signature Barricades offers a complete line of steel and crowd control barriers. All of these barriers are sold directly from the manufacturer. The options they offer for crowd control include:

Bridge and Flat Foot Crowd Control Barriers

There are several features that make the bridge foot barrier from Signature Barricades an excellent option for controlling crowds. The upright bars in the barrier are fully inserted into the barrier's frame and then welded into place. This helps to prevent the uprights from breaking off even when they're exposed to a large amount of force. This barrier's feet are not only capable of being placed on uneven surfaces, but they are also removable. This is because the feet are attached to the bottom of the barrier with a nut and bolt.

If a barrier needs to moved, the feet can easily be removed so the barrier is as easy as possible to transport. The bridge foot crowd control barrier also features a hooking mechanism. This mechanism can be used to securely connect multiple barriers to each other. Because this connector is angled, it will ensure that every barrier stays in place when several are connected. Each barrier is made from sixteen gauge steel tubing. Thanks to the strength of this tubing, you can depend on these barriers to last for years.

The strength of this barrier's tubing will allow them to be used in any situation that involves a large crowd. While the flat foot barrier is also made from this high quality steel, the main feature that sets it apart is the impact of its feet. Because this barrier's feet allow it to be anchored in place, it's ideal for situations where tripping may be a concern or vehicles will need to drive over the barriers' feet.

When Should Event Fencing Be Used?

This type of fencing can be used at almost any outdoor event. While event fencing can provide the same type of crowd control as steel barriers, the main difference between the two is the way they look. Although the industrial appearance of steel barriers is fine for events like rock concerts, an event like a golf tournament needs a barrier with a less imposing appearance. Depending on the specific event, this type of fencing is available in picket, traditional, lattice and display panel styles. These options ensure the fencing will properly match its surroundings.

Water-Filled Barriers from Signature Barricades

This type of barrier can be used to keep people safe in areas that may present different hazards. Areas where water-filled barricades are commonly used include construction sites, airports, public works departments and police departments. The main feature that makes this type of barrier so useful is when it's not full of water, it's fairly light and easy to transport. However, as soon as a barrier is filled with water, it is able to provide the high level of protection that's needed in a variety of challenging situations.

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