Protection Barriers

Ameristar Protection Barriers

Ameristar specializes in producing protection barriers in the form of fences. The different types of secure fencing Ameristar produces can be used in settings that include:

Residential and Light Commercial Protection Barriers

Ameristar has produced residential protection barriers for over two decades. These barriers can be used to contain pets, protect children, secure the area around a pool or fence in a whole backyard. The same types of barriers can provide protection around an entire condo or apartment complex. The reason many homeowners choose Ameristar's protection barriers for their pets is because they don't want anything to happen to their small dogs. Because this type of protective fence is specifically made with less space between fence panels, it will ensure that pets aren't able to get out and other animals aren't able to get into a yard.

The protection barriers Ameristar offers for children include options that can fully secure outdoor play areas. Not only are these options effective, but they will look very nice in your backyard. Although pools can provide families with lots of fun, they can be dangerous when children aren't supervised or no one is at home to make sure a stranger doesn't try to take a dip. With the secure latches that come with Ameristar's pool protection barriers, both of these potential issues can be avoided.

Commercial and Light Industrial Protection Barriers

Areas that can benefit from being secured by protection barriers include mini-storage facilities, retail outlets, restaurants, hospitals, churches, event centers, stadiums, municipal facilities, colleges, public parks, assisted living facilities and public housing authorities. One of the reasons mini-storage facility owners should consider adding protection barriers to their property is because it can actually improve their business. Since customers need to trust that a mini-storage facility is secure and any belongings they store there will be safe, adding protective fencing will make potential customers feel at ease.

The advantage of selecting one of the protection barriers Ameristar offers for restaurants is while it will provide the level of security that you need, it will do so without taking away from the attractiveness of your restaurant's exterior. Adding a quality protection barrier to a public park can ensure it's a place where children are able to play without their parents needing to be concerned about security issues.

Heavy Industrial and High Security Protection Barriers

While any type of property can benefit from the addition of protection barriers, there are some areas where these barriers are an absolute necessity. Railroads, airports, financial institutions, data centers, water districts, power plants, federal assets, pharmaceutical facilities and manufacturing plants must be fully secured in order to function properly. Because Ameristar understands that these locations have stringent security requirements they need to meet, the company offers top of the line fencing products that can provide the level of protection that's needed.

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