Protection Barriers

Emed Co Protection Barriers

Emed Co sells protection barriers that can be used for crowd control. This company also offers barriers that are specifically designed for vehicle control. If you own a nightclub, restaurant or other service business, you can use the retractable belt barriers that Emed Co sells to control who has access to your business.

Crowd Control Protection Barriers

Emed Co's crowd control protection barriers range in price from $225 to $750. Their most affordable barrier is a crowd control fence. While this type of barrier is on the lower end of the price spectrum, that doesn't mean it's not an effective option. On the contrary, this barrier is ideal for keeping large outdoor crowds under control. One of the reasons this barrier is such a good choice for controlling outdoor crowds is because multiple barriers can be attached together. Since each barrier is made from high quality steel, the barriers will have no trouble standing up to even the largest of crowds.

The Safe-T-Gate expandable barricade falls in the middle of the price spectrum of Emed Co's crowd control protection options. Although this is a very durable barrier, the ability to fold it up means that it's also easy to move from one location to another. Since this protection barrier is bright orange, it's ideal for construction sites or other settings where safety is a top priority. The expandable barricade gate is at the high end of Emed Co's price spectrum. This barrier is designed to be used in warehouses and other industrial settings. Not only is this barrier strong, but it features a warning sign that ensures people will know an area is closed.

Protection Barriers for Vehicle Control

Vehicle control protection barriers can be used to:

Vertical panel barricades are one of the most popular items that Emed Co sells. This barricade's orange and white striped vinyl surface makes it very visible. This product's popularity is also the result of the fact that its design makes it resistant to being blown over by high winds. Another popular option is the A-frame barricade. This type of protection barricade is fully resistant to cracking or chipping. Its reflective sheeting ensures it's easy to see in the light or dark. It can also be easily disassembled and moved to a new location.

Retractable Belt Barriers

This type of barrier is the easiest way to control access to an entire establishment or individual room. Emed Co offers two main types of retractable belt barriers. The first type is a post barrier. In addition to being used to restrict door access, multiple post barriers can be used to create an indoor or outdoor line. The other type of retractable belt barrier is one that's mounted on the walls. This option is best for locations that need a permanent barrier. For example, if a hotel has a member's only room, a wall-mounted belt barrier will provide around the clock access control.

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