Protection Barriers

Planter Barrier Protection Barriers

Planter Barrier specializes in producing protection barriers that are both attractive and extremely effective. Because these barriers are designed to provide maximum protection, they can handle even the most challenging of circumstances. Areas where these protection barriers can be placed include:

Planter Security Barrier System

Although no one will see it, this system from Planter Barrier will provide top notch protection. The fact that the protective elements of this system are hidden from sight are a big reason why it's so impressive. That fact is also why many bank and government buildings have chosen this system as their preferred method of protection. Another reason this system is an excellent choice is because it's inexpensive to ship. Ordering many types of protection barriers means significant shipping charges.

However, this system is designed so it is very light to ship. This is accomplished by the fact that only the shell needs to be shipped. This lightweight shell is what creates the effective protection barrier. Once the shell arrives at its destination, it can be filled with concrete and will then be ready for use. Not only is this system easy to ship, but it's also available in a wide range of shapes. Thanks to the combination of rectangle, square and round shapes that are available, there are over ten thousand customizable options that can be ordered.

Magnum Protection Barriers

If a situation requires heavy duty protection, the Magnum barrier is an excellent choice. During testing, this protection barrier was able to stop a fifteen thousand pound vehicle that was driving at fifty miles per hour. While that is a truly impressive amount of protection, what makes this barrier even more appealing is the steel and concrete that provide this high level of protection are hidden inside of aesthetically pleasing casing. Another reason this type of barrier is popular is because it provides this protection for less than $350 per linear foot of protection around a perimeter.

Installing this type of protection barrier is also easy to do. Once a trench is dug, it can be backfilled. This barrier can then be placed in it, followed by its rebar cage. After the bottom concrete is poured, the planting compartment can be inserted. Installation can be completed by filling it with soil, pouring the rest of the concrete, adding the actual plants and then putting drain holes in the barrier.

Upgraded Steel Protection Barriers

Steel posts are the standard protection barrier used around sidewalks and other public areas. While these posts are effective barriers, their appearance usually lacks style. Planter Barrier has solved this problem by upgrading this protection barrier. While their improved barrier still offers the same protection as a standard steel post, the finish that goes around the post will allow the posts to complement any area where they're added. Another benefit is this upgraded steel protection barrier can be backfilled with concrete to provide even greater impact resistance.

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