Protection Barriers

Protection Barriers Companies

Protection barriers can be used to secure everything from parking lots to sidewalks to industrial settings. Because there are many different uses for these barriers, several protection barrier companies make the best products for specific applications:


This protection barrier company produces steel barrier posts. These posts can be used to restrict vehicle access or mark sidewalk boundaries. Because the posts are made from high quality steel that's treated with an anti-rust coat, they are designed to last for a very long time. In addition to their gray steel posts, Traffic-Line makes steel posts that are specifically designed to be used on roads or highways. The main difference between these posts and their standard posts is the former feature a red and white pattern. This makes them very visible and ensures drivers will see them on the road.

Because they are so visible, these posts can be used for everything from keeping drivers away from a ditch on the side of the road to directing them as to where they need to merge. Traffic-Line also produces protection barriers that are designed to be used in industrial settings. These barriers can be added to roller shutters, access points, loading bays or traffic ways to provide protection against any impact from large pieces of equipment. Because different settings require different amounts of protection, this type of barrier is available in four sizes. Not only is this industrial barrier extremely strong, but the largest size can be filled with concrete for maximum impact protection.


The protection barriers produced by this company can be used around:

While these barriers are extremely strong, that doesn't mean they're unsightly. On the contrary, thanks to their bright colors, these barriers can add to the visual appeal of an area instead of taking away from it. Although they do look very nice, they provide all the protection that an area needs. They are specifically designed to absorb impact. Even if they are accidentally hit by a vehicle, they will not fracture. The reason they are able to stand up to this kind of impact is because these protection barriers are made from galvanized steel.


This protection barrier company specializes in making telescopic posts. This type of protection barrier is commonly used to restrict access to entire parking lots. The advantage of telescopic posts is they can be pulled in and out of the ground. When a parking lot opens in the morning, the post can be pushed down into the ground to allow vehicles to get in the lot.

Once the lot closes in the evening, the post can be pulled back up so access to the lot's entrance is closed off. One concern that some lot owners have about this kind of post is that it will get jammed when it's below the ground. However, because the post's locking mechanism only kicks in when it's pulled into its upright position, jams are not actually an issue.

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