Protection Barriers

Global Industrial Protection Barriers

Global Industrial sells thousands of protection barriers that can be used for crowd control. Although the thought of looking through that many products may be overwhelming, several of Global Industrial's crowd control protection barriers stand out from the rest:

Protective Steel Guard Rail Barriers

This type of steel barrier allows you to create a customized guard rail system. A customized system can be used to protect both property and people. Because these barriers are made from ten gauge high-tensile steel, you can depend on them to provide the level of protection that you need. In fact, this type of system has been tested to withstand an impact of ten thousand pounds.

While many crowd control barriers are designed to be portable, there are plenty of uses for a permanent system such as this one. For example, indoor concert and sports venues have many areas of their facility that need to be secured. Instead of going through the process of setting up barriers whenever an event is held, protective steel guard rail barriers can be used to create a system that will ensure the venue is always secure. The price for these rails starts at $82.

Metal Crowd Control Barriers

There are several common uses for metal crowd control barriers. They include:

Not only can construction sites be dangerous to people who aren't working on them, but the areas around these sites can pose just as much of a risk. As a result, it's important to keep a significant amount of space between any construction site and people who may be walking by it. Because this type of crowd control barrier is made from galvanized steel, it can be used to fully secure a perimeter.

It's easy for crowds who attend an outdoor concert to get very excited. However, it's important that this excitement doesn't turn into a safety risk. Metal crowd control barriers can be placed in front of a crowd to keep them from pushing too far towards the stage. This type of crowd control barrier can also be used to create a line in any outdoor space. Since multiple barriers can be joined together, it's easy to create whatever size of line is needed for the crowd that's present.

Adjustable Length Crowd Control Barriers

Some situations don't require a heavy duty crowd control barrier. Instead, there simply needs to be a barrier that makes it clear to people that access is restricted. This type of situation can be anything from the entrance to a nightclub to a specific room in a museum. The best way to control these situations is with an adjustable length crowd control barrier. Not only will this type of barrier make it clear to people that they can't just walk into an area, but it will do so in an aesthetically pleasing way.

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