Protection Barriers

Kohl Hauer Protection Barriers

Kohl Hauer offers several high quality noise protection barriers. Their most popular barriers are the:

Scorsa Protection Barrier

The Scorsa is a transparent noise barrier. This barrier is able to reduce noise without blocking an area's view. It features a stable sectional frame. The frame is made from coated aluminum. Because the Scorsa has modular components, it can be used for projects of any size. There are multiple types of pane materials that are available with this protection barrier. This barrier's surface can be tempered or feature bird protection stripes. It's also possible for the barrier to have an absorbent finish added to it.

Since the Scorsa barrier is available in multiple colors, it can complement any area. Thanks to all of these features, the Scorsa does an excellent job of insulating sound. If even more sound absorption is needed, it's easy to combine this barrier with Khol Hauer's Planta barrier. Since its element structure is completely stable, it won't have any problem handling high loads. This type of protection barrier is fully resistant to both corrosion and aging. If this barrier is going to be used in a public space, Kasi-GL anti-graffiti coating can be added to ensure that graffiti removal is not a problem.

Soundgard Protection Barrier

This protection barrier offers sound protection in an aesthetically pleasing way. This type of barrier is impact resistance and will ensure a space is protected against vandalism. It can handle major temperature fluctuations, as well as intense amounts of sunlight. The Soundgard protection barrier is resistant to chemicals and abrasions. Its special coating ensures this barrier is as easy to clean as possible. In addition to standard commercial cleaners, this protection barrier can even be cleaned with a power washer.

Soundstop and Clearview Protection Barriers

The Soundstop is ideal for dealing with noise in places where exposed areas may exist. What's nice about this barrier is not only does it deal with sound, but because it has a guard rail, it also provides physical protection. Another feature that puts many customers at ease is although this barrier is designed to be transparent, it does have a special feature that helps to protect flying birds from crashing into it. It's also possible for this type of barrier to be used with thermal shaping, boring or cutting.

The Clearview protection barrier has excellent sound control properties. Since this barrier is available in a wide range of thicknesses and formats, it can be used in almost any setting. Customers who choose this type of barrier are very happy with the fact that it’s resistant to atmospheric corrosion and has other features that ensure its longevity. Although this barrier provides excellent soundproofing, it can also be combined with other systems if a location presents an especially challenging noise problem. Since protection barriers can be exposed to different elements based on where they're used, the Clearview can be ordered with various special coatings.

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