Protection Barriers

Who Invented Protection Barriers

Modern protection barriers can be traced back to the 17th century. Protection barriers were originally invented as mooring bollards. Sailors invented mooring bollards as a way to attach their ships to fixed locations. The earliest forms of mooring bollards were cannons that were no longer useful for firing. This is why some modern protection barriers have shapes that are similar to cannons. Originally, mooring bollards were simply referred to as posts. However, in the middle of the 19th century, the term bollard was officially added to the dictionary.

How Have Protection Barriers Changed Since They Were Originally Invented?

Once people outside of the sailing community began to see the usefulness of bollards, they began to use them in locations that included landscapes, roadways, pathways and trails. The next major expansion for protection barriers came along when more people began driving cars. Because roads started to get very crowded and unorganized, protection barriers were used to keep vehicles from colliding with each other. With the rise of emergency service vehicles, these barriers were able to be used to create designated lanes so these vehicles could respond as quickly as possible.

Protection barriers also began being used as traffic gates. Now that medians and toll booths are both very common, bollards are almost always used in conjunction with them. Protection barriers can be used to keep intersections and parking areas as orderly as possible. Business owners have found multiple uses for protection barriers. They work well for site utilities, as well as storefronts. If a business needs to perform surveillance or site access control on its property, protection barriers can take care of both tasks. The same applies to a need for building hardening. These barriers are also used at:

What Makes Protection Barriers Such a Useful Invention?

The role of protection barriers has continued to expand thanks to the dependable level of security they provide. The flexibility of these barriers makes it easy to adapt them to a variety of uses. While protection barriers work extremely well, this doesn't mean they're expensive. In most cases, they are actually more affordable than other options that don't even work as well as these barriers. Another reason for their popularity is they're aesthetically pleasing. Although business owners and other entities who use protection barriers need security, they don't want to ruin the look of the surrounding area. The customizable nature of protection barriers' appearance ensures this isn't a problem.

Have Protection Barriers Been Developed in Different Forms?

Because protection barriers are now used in so many different ways, barriers that serve different purposes have their own unique features and characteristics. The most common role of movable bollards is to protect parking spots that are reserved. Movable bollards are able to fill this role as a result of being easy to raise and flatten. Road bollards are usually fairly tall. It's common for this type of protection barrier to also feature a reflective surface so that drivers can easily identify when they're approaching a group of them.

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