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Protection Barriers Faqs

What Type of Protection Barriers Can Be Used to Control Crowds?

The best type of protection barrier to control a crowd will depend on whether it's an indoor or outdoor crowd. The most common way to control indoor crowds is by using stretch barriers. Stretch barriers are available as posts or options that can be mounted on walls. Both types of barriers allow a tape from one barrier to be pulled out and connected to another barrier.

Stretch barrier posts are best for creating indoor lines or handling crowd control that may move from one area to another. For example, if a museum regularly moves protected exhibits around, stretch barrier posts can easily be moved along with the exhibit. An added benefit of using stretch barriers in this type of situation is they allow crowds to be controlled without obstructing a view of what people want to see. Wall mounted stretch barriers are commonly used when a room needs to be controlled on an ongoing basis.

Steel gates are the best way to keep outdoor crowds under control. The heavy duty nature of these gates ensures they are able to keep even the largest of crowds under control. Another useful feature of this type of barrier is multiple ones can be connected to each other. Because this connection is made with a secure latching mechanism, crowds will not be able to get through the barrier created by these gates.

Which Protection Barriers are Best for Parking Lots?

The types of protection barriers that are used in parking lots are:

Winged parking and folding posts are generally used to restrict access to individual parking spaces. When cars need to be kept out of a space, either type of post can be raised into the air. Because the posts are made from durable steel, vehicles will be unable to drive over them. If an authorized vehicle does need to access a space, a key can be used to lower winged or folding posts to the ground so the vehicle is able to drive into the space.

Telescopic posts are often used to restrict access to entire parking lots. Instead of folding down to the ground, this type of post can actually be pushed all the way into the ground. And because telescopic posts are available in tall sizes, they will be visible to drivers before they attempt to pull into a closed lot.

Can Protection Barriers Be Used in Warehouses?

Protection barriers can keep employees safe and prevent damage in warehouses and other industrial settings. Protection bars can be placed in front of equipment or other areas that vehicles need to avoid. Because this type of bar can create a barrier of space, it can keep vehicles from causing damage by accidentally running into things. Pallet racking protectors can prevent frame ends from being damaged as a result of coming into contact with forklift trucks.

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