Protection Barriers

Where To Buy Protection Barriers

Barriers Direct offers a very wide selection of protection barriers. The barriers they sell can be used for:

Protection Barriers for Parking Lots

Fold down driveshield barriers can be used for protecting a reserved parking space. Because this type of protection barrier is made from quality steel and features a double bolted padlock, it will keep any parking space completely secure. Each one of these barriers is sold for $140. The shock absorbing parking barrier is designed to withstand vehicle impacts at low speeds. It's also designed to automatically return to its upright position. This parking lot protection barrier sells for $165.

The winged parking barrier integral lock is ideal for protecting wider parking spaces or the entrance to a parking lot. What's nice about this barrier is because its lock is located on top, it's very easy to use. The bright yellow color of this protection barrier will ensure no one inadvertently runs into it. You can purchase one or more of these barriers for $215 a piece. The folding parking barrier sold by Barriers Direct is made from steel and coated with zinc. This protection barrier also features tamper-proof nuts that ensure a secure installation. It can be ordered for $149. A toplock folding parking barrier is a very affordable way to protect a lot or individual space. While it's made from high quality stainless steel, this specific barrier only costs $94.

Barriers for Sidewalks

Steel barriers are an excellent option for protecting sidewalks. Galvanized steel protection barriers can be purchased in five different sizes. This selection of diameters makes it possible to get exactly the right size for your needs. Galvanized steel barriers start at $38. Neat fixed steel road barriers are another option for sidewalks. Because of their strength, this type of protection barrier is ideal for areas where pedestrians need to be protected from vehicles.

You can order a set of fixed steel barriers for $101 a piece. Slim ornamental steel barriers are an excellent choice if you want an aesthetically pleasing form of protection. One feature that makes this type of barrier stand out is that it has a rounded top. The price of this high quality protective barrier option starts at $133.

Available Barriers for Residential Properties

There are homeowners who are concerned about leaving their car parked in the driveway. If this describes you, one of the best ways to secure your car is with a protection barrier. A compact adjustable parking barrier is a simple but effective way to keep your car safe. While it won't get in the way of you parking, this type of barrier will ensure no one snatches your car when you leave it parked. Since this type of protection barrier can be ordered for just over $60, it's a very affordable way to protect one of your most valuable possessions and keep it safe when it's parked outside at night.

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