Protection Barriers

Where Are Protection Barriers Used

Protection barriers, which are also known as bollards, can be used to:

Bollards can also be used to provide a safe place for individuals to walk without worrying about encountering vehicles. Businesses or places like schools can use protection barriers to give commuters a safe area to temporarily store their bicycles. Bollards also make it possible to control reserved parking spaces. Not only can a protective barrier keep unwanted vehicles out, but it can ensure authorized vehicles are completely secure when they are parked in their spots.

Where are Different Types of Bollards Used?

Cast iron bollards can be used in public locations like parks and sidewalks that require visible markings. This type of bollard's flexibility comes from the fact that it can be ordered in varying heights. Homeowners can use illuminated bollards around their property to ensure that it stays secure throughout the night. Directional bollards are used in locations where drivers may encounter trouble on the road. To prevent drivers from having an accident, this type of protection barrier can be added to warn them that they need to pay close attention to what's on the road.

Ornamental bollards are used in areas where visual appeal is especially important. Although the shape and quality materials used to make most protection barriers means they look nice, ornamental barriers provide an extra level of aesthetic appeal. Bollards made from recycled material are used in areas where property owners are concerned about having as little impact on the environment as possible. Collision protection bars are used when industrial areas need to be protected against a wide range of accidents.

Where are Steel Bollards Used?

Steel bollards are used in areas where vehicles need to be made aware that they shouldn't be driving. An example of a common area where steel bollards are used is around sidewalks. Steel bollards are also used around areas of roads where specific hazards need to be brought to the attention of drivers. While steel bollards aren't the only type of barrier that can be used in these areas, their strength and ability to last is why they're so commonly chosen. Another feature that makes them appealing is the wide selection of styles that are available.

What Bollards are Used in Areas with Heavy Traffic?

Removable bollards are commonly used in areas where heavy traffic is present. One of the main reasons this type of barrier is normally used is because it's specifically designed to deal with issues related to being placed on or near a road. For example, if a removable bollard is struck by a car, it won't put a dent in the vehicle. Instead, the bollard will fall over. As soon as it hits the ground, a special joint in its base will snap it back to an upright position.

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