Protection Barriers

History Of Protection Barriers

Modern protection barriers are the result of the development of bollards. Mooring bollards were the first type of protection barriers. These bollards were and are still used to fasten a sea vessel to a fixed location. The word bollard can be traced back to 1844. Its first appearance was in the Oxford English Dictionary. However, bollards actually go back even farther to the 17th century. Prior to being given this name, they were simply referred to by simple terms that are the equivalent of the word post.

How Have Protection Barriers Been Used Over the Course of Time?

While protection barriers began with a single application as mooring bollards, they have expanded to a very wide range of uses. After their use for mooring, some of the next applications of protection barriers included:


As the automobile took off, the need for protection barriers rapidly expanded. Protection barriers are used to create fire access lanes. They are an efficient type of traffic gate. These barriers can be used for toll booths and traffic medians. They also have uses related to vehicle parking and intersections. Once protection barriers became more common on roadways, people began finding additional uses for them. Protection barriers are commonly used around playgrounds and leisure parks. They can effectively control large crowds at sports fields. They can be used in a similar way at malls.

Protection barriers are commonly used for site utilities. Many merchants choose to use them in their store fronts. It's possible to use these barriers for the purpose of building hardening. Property owners in many different situations have found that protection barriers are the ideal solution for handling site access control and surveillance. Protection barriers can also be used if a business owner wants to create an area where customers can take advantage of vehicle pick-up.

Why Have the Uses of Protection Barriers Expanded So Widely?

There are several key reasons why protection barriers are now used in so many settings. This type of barrier is sustainable. It's also very secure. Depending on the specific type of protection barrier, it can actually feature a locking system. Protection barriers are much more functional than other types of barriers. They are also a very cost-efficient option. Protection barriers used in small and large settings provide significant value for their cost. These barriers look nice. Because they can be made from different materials or in different colors, they are able to complement their surroundings.

What are the Specific Types of Protection Barriers?

The original mooring bollards are still in use. Protection barriers in the form of road bollards are used for everything from creating a space for pedestrians to designating a specific path for vehicles to follow. Movable bollards are used to create spaces that can regulate vehicle access. This is accomplished by flattening and raising this type of barrier. Portable protection barriers are used at live events that attract large crowds of people. These barriers can be arranged to keep people moving in an orderly fashion.

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