Protection Barriers

Protection Barriers

Protection barriers can be used for

What are Bollards?

Bollards are the most common type of protection barriers. The primary purposes of bollards is to control or direct traffic. Steel bollards can be used mark boundaries and protect property or walkways from vehicles. Removable bollards are ideal for high traffic areas. Because these bollards feature a link joint in their foot, they will automatically snap back up after being hit by a car. Another appealing feature of removable bollards is they're made from recycled material. Telescopic bollards can be retracted into the ground. This type of bollard is ideal for a location like a car dealership lot that needs to be accessible during the day but blocked off at night.

The purpose of impact bollards is to warn drivers in advance that they are approaching an area with potentially dangerous conditions. Like removable bollards, impact bollards are able to snap back into position even after being hit by a vehicle. Stainless steel bollards are just as attractive as they are practical. This type of bollard is often used to keep vehicles from entering a sidewalk. While concrete bollards are generally shorter in size, they still work very well. The major appeal of this type of bollard is that it's very affordable. Ornamental bollards can be customized with different cap colors. Available options include blue, yellow, red, black, white, green, maroon and grey.

What are the Different Types of Crowd Control Protection Barriers?

Heavy duty crowd barriers are capable of controlling a large crowd at a concert or sporting event. Because this type of crowd control barrier is made from galvanized steel and features an anti-rust coating, it will last for many years. Multiple tensabarriers can be connected with each other through their individual tape cartridges. Tensabarrier posts are available in six different colors, while their tapes come in over a dozen different color combinations. Roller barriers are ideal for situations where an attractive option is needed to make it clear that an area or item is off-limits.

Popular Parking Protection Post Styles

Winged parking posts can easily be switched between being raised or flattened. A common use of winged parking posts is to protect reserved parking spots. When a spot is empty, the post can be raised to keep unauthorized vehicles from parking in it. The post can then be easily flattened so the authorized vehicle can access the space. If a driver is concerned about the safety of their vehicle while it's parked, the post can once again be raised to provide complete security.

Folding posts are completely removable from their bases. In addition to a black and yellow design that makes them very noticeable, these posts can withstand poor weather conditions as a result of their zinc coating. Telescopic parking posts are easy to raise and lower. Since these posts feature a high security padlock, you can depend on them to provide the performance you need.

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