Protection Barriers

What Are The Costs Of Protection Barriers

The main uses of protection barriers are:

What Do Road Protection Barriers Cost?

Removable barriers are the most popular form of road protection. There are two primary reasons why these barriers are used in so many different road settings. The first is because of their high visibility. Since removable barriers typically have a orange and white pattern on them, drivers are able to see them well in advance. The other reason for these barriers' popularity is on the rare occasion when a driver isn't paying attention at all and doesn't notice one of these barriers, hitting one won't damage the driver's car.

Instead, it will simply knock the barrier over. But thanks to a special joint in the base of the barrier, it will immediately pop back up to its standard position. This feature makes these barriers extremely durable and also ensures there's no need to constantly check if they've been knocked off the road. The best deal Barriers Direct offers on removable barriers is $36 a piece.

How Much Does It Cost to Put Protection Barriers in a Parking Lot?

If you need a barrier that can control when drivers are able to access a parking lot, the best option is to use a telescopic parking post. When this post is pulled up, it will prevent vehicles from being able to enter your parking lot. But when you want to open your lot to drivers, all you will need to do is push the post down. Because this type of post is designed so it will go all the way down into the ground, vehicles will be able to go over it without enduring any damage.

If you just need a short telescopic post, plan to pay around $140. If you need a post that is taller and more noticeable, the cost will be in the $300 range. You can also use protection barriers to protect reserved spaces. This can be done with a winged or folding post. Both of these parking posts can be pushed down flat when access to a spot needs to be granted. The lowest price for a winged post is $140, while you can find folding posts for $65.

What's the Price of Sidewalk Protection Barriers?

The price of sidewalk protection barriers varies based on what kind of material is used to make the barriers. Basic steel barriers are available for under $40 a piece. If you need steel sidewalk barriers that are more decorative, expect to pay in the $115 range. Barriers Direct's lowest price for concrete protection barriers is $455 for a pack of two. However, you can actually save the most money by purchasing a pack of ten concrete barriers for $990. Purchasing a pack of ten means you'll spend $1,500 less than you would buying 5 packs of two!

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